Draft Night: One for the Ages

After months of draft analysis and hundreds of mock drafts that changed every time, draft night is finally here.  Draft night is not just a night when dreams come true; it’s also a night when franchises can change for decades.  One pick can be the difference between a team picking in the top 5 this year to picking in the teens or twenties next year.  Sounds easy right? Well it’s not, just ask the Jacksonville Jaguars, who are picking in the top 5 for the fifth year in a row and picking in the top 10 for the ninth year in a row.  The draft process is so over analyzed that sometimes it can turn out for the worse.

In 2011 the Atlanta Falcons made a trade with the Cleveland Browns to move up from the number 27 pick to the number 6 overall pick in the draft to select pro bowl wide receiver Julio Jones.  Atlanta gave Cleveland five picks for this trade, two first-rounders, one second-rounder, and two fourth-rounders.  Out of all those picks only one of them is currently on an NFL roster today and that’s Brandon Weeden who is a backup QB, and let’s face it he will never be a starting quarterback in this league.  That goes to show that yeah it’s nice to have numerous picks in the draft but if the right person is not making those picks than it’s pointless.

Let’s look at the Oakland Raiders; they have been one of the worst teams in the league for the past decade.  In 2014, with the fourth pick in the second round the raiders took Derek Carr and he is proving to be a franchise changing player.  The Cleveland Browns had the pick right before them and they passed up on Derek Carr because they picked Johnny Manziel in the first round, and we all know the story with Johnny Manziel.  The draft is a game of chess and the Cleveland Browns reached on Johnny Manziel when they could have waited it out and took their QB when the time was right.  There is a lot of luck involved in the draft as well and it’s unfortunate that the one year the browns have the number one overall pick there isn’t a quarterback that’s a sure thing to take there.  So Cleveland, take Myles Garett number one overall and then sit back and let all the other pieces fall in place, don’t reach on a QB that only has thirteen starts in college.  Do us all a favor and don’t screw this one up Cleveland!


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